Music has been an integral part of Ron's life for over four decades. He first began performing at the age of three, mostly before an audience of family and friends.

Ron's introduction to the stage took place in his teenage years, at a time when his greatest influences were Elvis and the 50s rock era. During this time of his life, he continued to develop and flourish as a musician and entertainer.

From there, Ron launched his professional career, drawn now towards country music. He was on stage with three bands, two of which were his creations, with gigs throughout Canada where they performed for five years until the members opted to pursue their individual journeys.

Clear to Ron was the path he would now take. He enthusiastically embraced crooning, appreciating that this was a natural progression stemming from his former influences. He listened to the standards for years, recognizing that this and other styles were all somehow connected.

Everything I’ve ever done
has led me to this genre of music.

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